Solar panels outside the BAG head office

Managing our impact

We are committed to reducing emissions and dedicated to protecting the environment. We have taken significant steps to reduce our impact on the environment by implementing three major initiatives.

The International ISO Standards Board has recognised our sustainable strategies and has awarded the Group ISO 14001 for Environmental management systems.

At Bassadone Automotive Group, we are committed to being environmentally responsible, and we will continue to seek out new ways to minimise our impact on the environment.

How We Help

First, we fully support our OEM partners in their efforts to reduce emissions and actively promote the sale of vehicles with lower emissions. We recognise that reducing emissions is a shared responsibility, and we are committed to doing our part.

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Reducing Waste

Second, we are mindful of waste and recycling, and we deal responsibly with the waste we produce in all our subsidiaries and facilities. We comply with all applicable regulations and laws concerning recycling and waste reduction to minimise our environmental footprint.

Renewable Energy

Finally, we are committed to promoting green energy. Our facilities and offices, even those located in extreme climates, have been constructed with the latest energy-efficient building standards and low-emission labels for lighting, air conditioning, and heating. Additionally, we have installed solar panels on the roof of our Gibraltar operation, in conjunction with the local government. This scheme annually provides Bassadone and Gibraltar with 1000 megawatts of renewable electricity for our operations and the local community.

Solar panels outside the BAG head office

The Bassadone Automotive Group donates £100,000 each year to support local charities. The company supports various causes, including education, health care and disaster relief. In 2023, the Group sponsored the installation of its 20th water well in Sierra Leone.

In addition to these donations, the Group has established The George AC Bassadone Scholarship, which gives a valuable opportunity for students from developing countries to pursue a world-class education and study Master of Science in Public Health (MScPH) degree at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). The scholarship provides financial support and allows students to focus on their studies without worrying about financial constraints.

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donated each year to support local charities

Graduate Scheme

The Group operates a Graduate Scheme, which provides financial support to three students each year during their university courses. The scheme allows the student to gain work experience during their summer break by working with a department within Group.

The George AC Bassadone Scholarship has been a life-changing experience for me. The scholarship has allowed me to pursue my passion for public health and to make a difference in the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been selected for this scholarship, and I am excited to continue my studies at LSHTM.
LSHTM Student
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Our Electrification Ambitions

Focusing on a shift towards electric mobility, our international electrification strategy is based on our ground-breaking experience in Finland.

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