Agile Mobility Solutions

At Bassadone Automotive Group, we understand that buying a vehicle can be a daunting task. That's why we've developed digital customer platforms that offer flexibility and convenience, allowing customers to order a vehicle from the comfort of their own home or through dealerships. Our wide range of vehicles, finance options, insurance products, service packages, fleet services and various mobility solutions, are all designed to meet the needs of the customer.

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We are proud to offer flexible and affordable mobility solutions to our customers, available on both new and recent used cars, throughout our brand portfolio. 

Our #newcarforayear plan is a 12-month private leasing option that's flexible and allows for quick changes of vehicles, which fit with the mobility needs and usage of our customers.

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For those who prefer a more affordable option, our #almostnewcar subscription offer on recent used cars provides an easy-to-subscribe, flexible and affordable mobility solution.

We're committed to protecting both customers and their vehicles, and that's why we offer a set of competitive insurance and service products, including insurance contracts, service maintenance contracts, and extended warranties for both new and used vehicles.

All these popular offers can be easily subscribed to online by our customers, giving peace of mind knowing that they're getting the best deal and protection for themselves and their vehicle. We're here to help find the perfect vehicle and offer the right mobility solutions to meet the customers needs.

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Our Electrification Ambitions

Focusing on a shift towards electric mobility, our international electrification strategy is based on our ground-breaking experience in Finland.

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