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Digital Customer Experience

In today's digital age, sophisticated, tech-savvy customers expect a fully digitised dealership environment. 

Since 2014, we have been investing and developing the best digital platforms and systems in the industry. That means browsing online from a wide range of makes and models, both new and used. It means instant access to finance and a complete digital experience through every stage of the car buying and ownership journey. We have full ownership of the property rights as we developed the platform in-house which can be integrated in most of the environments.

Our automated trade-in-car quote system provides a binding offer and defines the final value based on the car chosen to purchase. In addition, we offer flexible payment options, including online payment or bank transfer, private leasing with monthly payments, and car financing that allows customers to determine the deposit and monthly payments according to their budget.

Our automated credit decision system provides instant decisions to help finance the purchase, and we empower our customers by allowing them to configure the car they want, the way they want. During the purchase process, buyers can select the colour, add car accessories, choose extra services such as car insurance and tyre servicing, as well as select how they would prefer their car to be delivered.

Step 1

The customer can either configure their new car or choose an available car from the importer’s or dealer’s stock. The customer receives a binding purchase price for their trade-in car, which is taken into account in the purchase price of the new car.

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Step 2

The customer can choose additional services such as an additional warranty, insurance, and a maintenance contract before selecting a suitable payment method from a) Traditional / cash sale, b) Car financing or c) Leasing – with the latter 2 options the customer can tailor the financing to suit their needs. Payment is made online and contracts signed and filed electronically.

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Step 3

After placing an order, the customer is kept informed of the delivery schedule via automated emails. At the same time, they may still be offered the opportunity to purchase additional services and accessories, which they can add to their order up till the order is delivered.

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Step 4

The car can be delivered to the customer’s home or collected from the dealership. With home delivery, the car will be handed over by specialised delivery staff who will provide the customer with an overview of how the vehicle works.     

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Our scalable end-to-end digital customer experience is already in place and ready to be deployed for your business

Innovation is at the forefront of what we do

To streamline the process even further, we provide our salespersons with an online management tool that includes order processing, manual trade-in-car handling, and online communication with customers to close the deals.

We are committed to providing the best customer experience possible, and our digital solutions are a key part of that commitment.

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Providing your customers with flexible purchasing options, tailored to their needs, using the very latest digital platforms.

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