AADS and IVECO sign Special Distribution Agreement

IDV vehicle off roading on gravel

AADS and IDV have signed a Special Distribution Agreement to enhance the companies' synergies further. IDV is a leading international defence contractor with over 85 years of experience developing and manufacturing various logistic, protected, and armoured vehicles for military use. AADS is an experienced global distributor of automotive solutions to Government Organisations, especially to the US Department of Defence and Department of State, and specific agencies/bodies of the United Nations Organisation.

Strengthening AADS' Ability to Serve Government Customers

This agreement allows AADS to promote the sales of IDV logistic range of vehicles for the projects of building partner capacity financed by the US Government / US Department of Defence as well as for the UN peace keeping operation projects.

For AADS, this significantly extends the vehicle, parts, training and sustainment portfolio and strengthens AADS' ability to serve government customers supported by a strong OEM. 

IDV vehicle driving through water
The collaboration between AADS and IDV dates back years, and today this longstanding partnership is further strengthened in a special distribution agreement, which establishes a new stage in the rewarding commercial relationship between the two companies.
Peter Bering CEO, AADS

Who is AADS

AADS is part of an International Automotive Group of companies trading since 1904. AADS provide customised automotive solutions with full lifecycle support and sustainment programs to Government Organisations worldwide. Solutions support peacekeeping, anti-terror and counter-narcotics, and border and coastguard activities.

In addition, AADS provides lifecycle and Integrated Logistics Support, including multiple training programs from driver courses to sustainment and repair training. AADS also holds a special distribution agreement with FCA/Stellantis and specialises in designing and converting Jeep Wrangler vehicles for heavy-duty use.

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About IDV

IDV, a company of Iveco Group, is dedicated to delivering innovative automotive and protection solutions to meet the needs of military customers worldwide.

The company manufactures specialist logistic, protected, and armoured vehicles in its facility in Bolzano in Northern Italy and markets IVECO's full commercial range, adapted as necessary to meet the demands of the military user. 

Consequently, IDV has a full range of vehicles to meet a broad spectrum of defence applications. Find out more about IDV here.